Monthly Archives: February 2009

160over90 – Collection Wednesdays feature


Branding agency 160over90, have started a new weekly installment on their blog called ‘Collection Wednesdays’. Through this feature they intend to explore why people collect things and show unique collections. For this Wednesday they have interviewed me about my Indian matchbox collection. Read it here.

Thanks also to all the websites and blogs who have featured the collection over the last few weeks, including: Design ObserverCore 77, Notcot, LA Times online, Boing Boing, Architects Journal, Fecal Face and Coudal.

Macho Men and Flirtatious Women


Local language, hand drawn lithographic film posters, and the larger, glossier offset film posters contribute largely to the visual culture and character of the streets of Bangalore. This ongoing photographic series explores the roles and relationships of men and women in contemporary Indian cinema through the disjointed, layered and torn fragments that these film posters create.

See the full series here.