Monthly Archives: August 2009



The ten day Ganasha festival has begun here in Bangalore. Brightly coloured idols of all sizes can be purchased on the street. In the coming days many of these Ganesha’s will be taking rides through town on the back of trucks, followed by processions of people playing drums, on their way to being dumped in a local water body.



Over the past couple of months I have been photographing Kolam designs in the area around my street in Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Drawn outside the entrance of the home, Kolams are thought to bestow prosperity. Made with rice powder, the symmetrical patterns range in both size and complexity and often seem to represent wealth or status.



Three one minute films I made with artist Smriti Mehra for Bangalore’s City One Minutes project have now been added to the website. As well as our films, you can also see the contributions of the other artists involved in the project.

Our one minute videos were shot between the hours of 6-7am (K.R Flower Market), 3-4pm (Lithographic Printers) and 7-8pm (Yelahanka Street Parade).

Are you curious to know how people live on the other side of the world? What does Moscow look like between three and four in the afternoon? What happens in Rio de Janeiro between eleven and twelve at night?

See the personal impressions of city life which artists across the globe have filmed. Follow what happens from hour to hour in more than hundred cities on

In City One Minutes life in each city is divided into 24 one minute portraits, each depicting one hour of the day.  Every film is a personal impression of the city in which the artist lives or in which he is staying.