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The Curious Case of the Indian Design Student – Kyoorius Magazine


The new issue of Kyoorius Magazine, a bimonthly Indian publication for branding, advertising, design and visual communication, is available now. Issue 12 contains a feature that I have contributed to – in which, a number of expat design educators discuss their views on Indian design students.

“A few issues back, Kyoorius featured a story on Indian design students looking back at their design education, discussing what they saw as its strengths and its drawbacks. This time around, we thought it would be interesting to understand what expat design faculty, currently teaching in India, had to say about their Indian students. How different is the average Indian design student from his/ her foreign counterpart? How do the skillsets learnt at design schools in India prepare them for the challenges that they are likely to face as designers? We spoke to a number of expat design faculty members who are either presently teaching at a design school in India or were previously engaged in such a capacity, to understand where Indian design students stand with respect to their global counterparts.”





This week, Artlyst have me as the Featured Artist on their homepage. Artlyst is currently the number one art information website in the UK. Their platform focuses on emerging and established Contemporary Art, in London and beyond.