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The Itinerant Illustrator

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The Itinerant Illustrator – 18th and 19th December 2014

This symposium is the 5th International Illustration Research event and will be hosted by Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. It is organized in collaboration with the peer reviewed Journal of Illustration, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD). The symposium this year will focus on the praxis of illustration in an expanded field, including histories of local/regional illustrative practices and the traversing of diverse media platforms.

The two-day event will feature talks and presentations from selected academic and practicing illustrators and artists from several countries. Through talks, workshops, performances and exhibited works, we will consider the illustrator in terms of the ‘habitual travelling’ that he or she undertakes. The itinerant nature of the illustrator is evident in the praxis of illustration itself- the oscillation of thought between word and image, page and screen, hand and eye, dream and reality. The nomadic nature of the illustrator is to wander between disciplines, search for new contexts and to make images not on one, but several different platforms within an eternal evolution of technologies.

The symposium is accompanied by an exhibition curated by Alison Byrnes, Anna Bhushan and Matt Lee that showcases work of contemporary illustrators working in diverse media forms.


Registration for the Itinerant Illustrator Symposium is open. You can book a place at the symposium via this link to the Srishti College website.

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