Monthly Archives: October 2015

Drive-by Video


“Drive-by video” is a presentation of video works of 15 artists. This event, on October 30 is supported by Prestige Construction who have generously given space to the project in Prestige Plaza—a new shopping center on Yelehanka New Town Main Road.

Located near Mother Dairy Circle, Drive-by Video can be seen in the future commercial spaces of Prestige Plaza from moving vehicles, passers-by or those that come specifically to view each work. The videos have a broad range of content, from documenting nature, to animation of everyday life, to how to pack a suitcase.

Abhishek Hazra, Abhiyan Humane, Aileen Blaney, Alison Byrnes, Chinar Shah, Leslie Johnson, Matt Lee, Otto Mogren, Rachita Rao, Siddhanth Shetty, Smriti Mehra, Tahireh Lal, Ujjwal Utkarsh, Upasna Bhatia, Vinayak Nagesh

Prestige Plaza, Yelahanka New Town Main Road, Bangalore

Friday, October 30th. 18:00–21:00pm

TV Has Attacked Us All Our Lives, Now We Fight Back


On Sunday 8th November at 12:45pm my video animation Presence of Absence will be broadcast on Odessa, a regional cable TV channel in Ukraine.

The video is part of a media activism project curated by Mariia Gonchar –  “TV has attacked us all our lives, now we fight back. Now we make our own TV”. During October and November videos will be broadcast twice a week, Saturday and Sunday. Information about the project, the participating artists and broadcasting times can be found on the project website and blog.