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Hiii Illustration Awards

I am delighted to have my gramophone illustration included among the finalists of the 2018 Hiii Illustration awards. There will be an exhibition in Nanjing, China of all the winning entries in December 2019 and a book published in spring next year.

The winning entries can be seen here… http://www.hiiibrand.com


Creative Review: Indian Matchbox Monograph


For Creative Review Magazine subscribers, this December’s Monograph features around 20 pages of my Indian matchbox collection. Here is some text I have written for the introduction.

Matchboxes from the Subcontinent. Walking around Bangalore city where I live you will come across matchboxes everywhere. Cheap and disposable, they litter the highways and footpaths, and are scattered around any roadside chai stall, cigarette kiosk or dhaba.

The first matchbox I came across featured an illustration of a killer whale with a caption that read ‘dolphin’. I found this inaccuracy quite amusing. My first connection with these matchboxes was that aside from being great designs, they seemed quite random and they made me smile.

In my travels across India I have collected over 250 matchboxes. Each design has come to signify a personal memory. Collectively, the visible scars of the battered boxes tell a story, mapping the places I have been, the people I have met and the experiences I have had.

The visuals that adorn this collection include historical and religious iconography, Indian pop culture, appropriated western imagery, mundane objects, and various animals. For me, as an outsider, the disparate juxtapositions created through this series of designs have come to encapsulate quite perfectly the heterogeneous and hybrid visual culture of modern India.


The Big Book of Illustration Ideas: 2



I have some of my work featured in this new book.

The Big Book of Illustration Ideas: 2 

By Roger Walton

How do your find an illustrator to create a piece of work? At present, there are a number of methods: looking through myriad agents’ promotional books; browsing annual competition collections; trying to find that pile of unsolicited illustrators’ cards you just had on your desk the other day; searching the web — for a few hours; asking a colleague. All of these methods can work, but they’re all time-consuming and haphazard. What if you need someone to draw some salad on a plate with a glass on wine next to it? You could go through the above processes, and — after a while — you’d probably find someone to draw or paint it in the style you wanted. Or you could pick up “The Big Book of Illustration Ideas,” Flip to the section marked “Food and Still Life” and find pages and pages of illustrators who can draw all manner of food in all manner of styles: pencil, crayon, watercolor, collage, and so on, and so on. A smorgasbord of illustration ideas In fact, within these pages, you’ll find the best illustrators, from all over the world, found together in one place along with all their contact details.

For ease of reference, illustrators’ work is cataloged by theme: People; Portraits; Food and Still Life; Buildings; Landscapes; Abstract Concepts; Diagrams; and Miscellaneous.

About the Author

Roger Walton is currently art director of acclaimed illustrated Book publishers Duncan Baird Publishers, London (www.Dbp.Co.Uk). He has lectured on design at several major art colleges in the uk.

  • Publisher: Collins Design; illustrated edition edition (May 6, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0061215147
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061215148


MAIL ME ART Exhibition and Book


I have some work included in this exhibition and book, curated by Darren Di Lieto of the Little Chimp Society.

Mail Me Art is a British-based project, run by Darren Di Lieto, the founder and co-editor of the illustration news portal the Little Chimp Society. Over the course of a year, the Mail Me Art project brought together a vast collection of artistic work from across the world. A wide variety of media were used in an equally wide variety of styles and the work arrived on everything from postcards and envelopes to boxes and pieces of wood.

The Mail Me Art exhibition will be held from 3rd April – 9th April 2009 at the Red Gate Gallery in London. The exhibition will showcase work from across the globe. All of the work submitted to the Mail Me Art project will be on display and available for purchase. The Mail Me Art book will also be available to buy at the event

Red Gate Gallery 
209a Coldharbour Lane,
London. SW9 8RU. UK

Friday 3rd – Private viewing
Saturday 4th – Open to the public, plus late night showing
Sunday 5th – Closed
Monday to Thursday – 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Nearest Train Station: Loughborough Junction | Directions – http://tinyurl.com/redgategallery
Tel: +44 (0)207 326 0993  Web: redgategallery.co.uk Email: info@redgategallery.co.uk


Mail Me Art: Going Postal with the World’s Best Illustrators and Designers is now available to pre-order on Amazon

Basics Illustration: Text & Image


A new book that features some of my work. Text and Image is from the fantastic Basics Illustration series, written by Mark Wigan and designed by New Studio.

The second book in the successful “Basics Illustration” series looks to the history of illustration for inspiration from medieval manuscripts and hieroglyphics to the contemporary. It also examines the production of artefacts, for example artists books, graphic novels, posters, and handmade typography, stencils, graffiti, and fonts designed by illustrators.

Publisher: AVA Publishing SA
Language  English
ISBN-10: 2940373507
ISBN-13: 978-2940373505

Fully Booked


My ‘Jeff Death’ series is featured in a great new book called Fully Booked, published by Die Gestalten. Fully Booked is devoted to current cover and book design.

Fully Booked

Editors: R. Klanten, M. Hübner
Language: English

Release: May 2008 Available Soon!
Price: € 49,90 / $ 75,00 / £ 35,00
Format: 24 x 30 cm
Binding: 272 pages, full colour, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89955-209-6

There is more unhindered experimentation with the printed book now than ever before. Fully Booked is a collection of current cover art and book design that strikes a crucial balance between sophisticated visual and content design on the one hand, and the market’s demand for availability, legibility and durability on the other. In addition, the book presents a choice selection of artist books that push the boundaries of conventional book design. Fully Booked also reveals developments in today’s graphic design and is an inspirational resource for creators and book lovers.

Many prophesied that the printed book would be doomed by developments in digital media. Far from it! The book has not only survived, but‚ as tactile qualities have gained significance in our increasingly digital world‚ there is also more unhindered experimentation with bound paper pages now than ever before. The materiality of the medium can give sensual emphasis to complex visual and textual content or appreciate its value. Some content isn’t even apparent until it takes the form of a real object‚ the printed book.

Fully Booked is devoted to current cover and book design. It presents material from printed publications that succeed in striking a crucial balance, between the market’s demands for availability, legibility and durability on the one hand and sophisticated visual and content design on the other. By featuring projects in this experimental field that combine enormous creativity with skilled craftsmanship, Fully Booked also reveals trends in today’s graphic design.

In addition, Fully Booked presents a choice selection of artist books. Created by hand and printed in limited editions, these publications push the boundaries of conventional book design. Fully Booked also has a unique book design of its own and is a turn-around book with one side focusing on cover art and the other revealing today’s unprecedented experimentation with the creation of book design as artistic objects. Its range of inspiring examples not only makes this book a must-have for graphic designers, book creators and publishers, but also for every booklover.