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Streetlight – Roman Susan Gallery and Wedge Projects


My video ‘Presence of Absence‘ will be featured as part of Streetlight at Roman Susan Gallery and Wedge Projects, Chicago.

Works will be displayed on two monitors at Wedge Projects from 6th May – 26th July playing 24/7, and projected at Roman Susan from 7th-24th May after dark – both are visible from the street when the spaces are closed, and will be playing video on random shuffle.


May 7, 2019 to May 24, 2019 at Roman Susan, 1224 West Loyola Avenue
May 6, 2019 to June 16, 2019 at Wedge Projects, 1448 West Howard Street

Featuring works by Darko Aleksovski, Hiba Ali, Christopher Corey Allen, Kanyinsola Anifowoshe, Michael Bauer, Laurel Beckman, Meghan Moe Beitiks, Emanuele Napolitano and Zaelia Bishop, Katina Bitsicas, Jan Brugger, Kate Casanova, Karen Y. Chan, Vivian Charlesworth, Emilie Crewe, Furen Dai, Daniel DeLuna, Natacha Diels, Yewen Dong, Lindsey Dorr-Niro, Shir Ende, McLean Fahnestock, Jessica Fenlon, Corbett Fogue, Pamela Hadley, Yhelena Hall, Gretchen Hasse, Traci Hercher, Elisabeth Hogeman, Patrick Jenkins, Herbert Lee Jones, Vasilis Karvounis, Wednesday Kim, Marlo Koch with Emerson Sigman, Amy Kuttab, João Krefer, Claire Krueger, Gigi Lage, Mira Lane, Matt Lee, Cristen Leifheit, Zeyi Li, Angela Lopez, Dan Lowe, Cole Lu, Henning Marxen, Frank McCauley, Angus McCullough, Tracy Miller-Robbins, Erick Msumanje, Jillian Musielak, Liam O’Connor, Aimee Marie Odum, Cole Pierce, Jessica Pierotti, Erika Råberg, Johanna Reich, Michael Ridge, Cole Robertson, Emma Rozanski, Miles Rufelds, Rory Scott, Mazdak Shadkam, Venkata Sivakumar Kappala, Eric Souther, Lynn Tomlinson, Piotr Urbaniec, A. P. Vague, Cedric van Eenoo, Yuqi Wang, Simon Welch, Loraine Wible, Julia Zastava, Tongyu Zhao, Yuge Zhou, and Xiaoqing Zhu.



Happy to be a part of Streetlight at Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago. Begins this evening and continues to the end of the month.

July 17, 2017 – July 31, 2017

Featuring works by Darko Aleksovski, Michael Bauer, Emanuele Napolitano and Zaelia Bishop, Katina Bitsicas, Emilie Crewe, Furen Dai, Patrick Jenkins, Herbert Lee Jones, James Kenny, An Na Kim, Juliane Kowalke, Kasper Lecnim, Matt Lee, Dillon Lemon, Ahmed Mohsen Mansour, Henning Marxen, Tracy Miller-Robbins, Jillian Musielak, Liam O’Connor, Erika Råberg, Cole Robertson, Olim Saeki, Rory Scott, Piotr Urbaniec, and Xiaoqing Zhu.

Video will be projected every evening after dark, visible from the street. The gallery space itself will not be open to the public during these dates, except by appointment.

1224 W. Loyola Ave | Chicago, IL 60626


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Festival Labirinto II

My video ‘Presence of Absence‘ will be screened at Teatro Studio Uno in Rome on Thursday 18th May as part of Festival Labirinto II, presented by Gruppo della Creta. A selection of video art screenings have been curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis of K-Gold Temporary Gallery, and will take place between 15th – 28th May.

See the festival programme here.


TiVaF – Tasmanian International Video Art Festival


TiVaF (Tasmanian International Video Art Festival) will be screened in Launceston Tasmania during the month of September 2016. It will present a curated selection of outstanding video works by international artists whose work focuses on the theme of landscape.

TiVaF is partnering with Sawtooth Tasmania and will present the works as a part of the Sawtooth September exhibition and will also show selected works as projections in suitable locations in Launceston City. TiVaF is also partnering with Junction Arts Festival to screen 2 selected video artworks at the Workers Club Launceston.

Curated by Jessica Dorloff, Ashley Bird and Daryll Rogers,  the works are:

Safety by John Kelley (USA)

Stuck in the Dark  by Massimo Saverio Maida (UK)

The Resonance of Loss by Adriene Hughes (USA)

Papiershnitzel by Nermanja Ladjic (Serbia)

Dissoluzione della forza in un Paradusso by Pamela Daimante (Italy)

Presence of Absence by Matt Lee  (India)

Election/Coverage by Christopher Daniels (UK)

Dance with the Music by Leonard Kuipers (Netherlands)

Section of I-705, on a Wednesday, for Electric Piano by Lou Watson (USA)

Take to the woods (Skogstokig) by Kristina Frank (Sweden)

Passage by Oren Lavie (Australia)

And as part of our Junction Arts Festival partnership we will be screening Metallwald3 by Philip Modest Schambela (Germany) in 3D and Distant by Jauchen Wu (Taiwan)

TiVaF is also excited to be screening in the Sawtooth Cinema Chott el-Djerid (A portrait of heat and light) by Bill Viola (USA)


Brave New World – K-Gold Temporary Gallery




August 8-28, 2016, 18:00-23:00
Opening: August 8th, 21:00

Vasilia Tafilia Residence, Agia Parasceni, Lesvos, Greece


K-Gold Temporary Gallery presents the group exhibition Brave New World curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis in a domestic space in Agia Paraskevi of Lesvos island.

Different yet so similar, individuals live within a vicious circle where new needs and desires are always expected to be fulfilled. Aldous Huxleypresents in his dystopian futuristic novel Brave New World (1932) people enjoying social stability, perfect health and youthfulness away from misfortunes and the fear of death. Why are we now living in the era of anxiety despite the impressive progress in knowledge? Which is the primal and ultimate need of the civilisation in terms of personal and therefore global survival?

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a series of metal plaques from the collection of Terje Storli carrying forms of figures, body members and objects. Ex-votos constitute an important historical corpus of the Aegean material culture engaged in the ritual act of offering to the divine. Rending visible the innermost aspects of the human psyche, they are anathematic objects that transmit the archetypal message of finding order in life.

Starting from a history of the utopias of reconstruction, the exhibition investigates the relations between present and future highlighting the notion of faith. Six emerging artists move between the levels created by the locus and the human presence, intervening within the interior architecture of the uninhabited house as formed by its previous occupants. Their installations articulate over issues of human representation, bodily functions and material awareness. They reflect critically upon instinctive human tendencies towards reason and metaphysics as parts of a continuous reshaping of the contemporary world.

Curated by Nicolas Vamvouklis

Artists: Emmanouil Chousakos, Michael Dodson, Dimitris Gketsis, Ilektra Maipa, Luca Resta, Adrianna Wallis and the Terje Storli Collection


SCREENING (21:00 – 23:00)

08/08 Virginia Garra

09/08 Alexandros Kaklamanos

10/08 Matt Lee

11/08 Stéphane Broc

12/08 Dominic Watson

13/08 Cole Lu

14/08 Georgia Lale

16/08 Shubhangi Singh

17/08 Hope Tucker

18/08 Elena Bellantoni

19/08 Giulia Pellegrini

20/08 Orestis Mavroudis

21/08 Lucia Schweigert

22/08 Luca Staccioli

23/08 Mirka Morales

24/08 Emre Baloglu

25/08 Vasiliki Stasinaki

26/08 Aurora Kalemi

27/08 Cat Del Buono

28/08 Joas Nebe



08/08 Panagiotis Politis (21:30)



09/08 Katerina Zagkli (18:00)

Exhibition tour and introduction to contemporary art workshop for children


Co-organised by

K-Gold Temporary Gallery

Folklore Association of Agia Paraskevi Lesvos

With the support of NEON Organization for Culture and Development



TV Has Attacked Us All Our Lives, Now We Fight Back

On November 8th my video animation Presence of Absence was broadcast on Odessa, a cable TV channel in Ukraine. The video is part of a media activism project curated by Mariia Gonchar.