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This week, Artlyst have me as the Featured Artist on their homepage. Artlyst is currently the number one art information website in the UK. Their platform focuses on emerging and established Contemporary Art, in London and beyond.



Volume Magazine


Volume Magazine is a biannual publication that publishes and promotes Britain’s newest creative talent across the arts, music and fashion. They present a trend-forecasting catalogue of contemporary creativity. This week I am Their Photographer of the Week.

See their blog. www.volumemag.blogspot.co.uk

Presence of Absence on UAL

Last year I completed an MA in Digital Arts at Camberwell College of Arts. Today I found out that my Masters work is the new homepage image for the University of the Arts London website. Considering the quality of student work that comes out of these six London art colleges, this really is a huge honour. 



Presence of Absence on It’s Nice That


My recent ‘Presence of Absence’ print series has been featured on the fantastic It’s Nice That website. I really like their description of the work:

Matt Lee’s Presence of Absence photographic series features a “decontextualised black shape” looming ominously over a Bangalore apartment block. The title of the work suggests the shape is some kind of infinite void of time and space, poised on the brink of causing unthinkable chaos and destruction. Or perhaps it’s a giant black obelisk serving as a memento mori constantly reminding us of our fleeting time on this mortal plane. Either way it’s very sinister, or I’m very paranoid.