Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Square Inch Exhibition, Tokyo


I have some tiny little drawings in this exhibition at Thorntree Gallery in Tokyo, organised by the lovely Takako Matsuoka and Simone Cantarelli. The exhibition runs from 26/06 – 01/07.

The theme of this exhibition, (2D or 3D work measuring) one square inch, originated from a proposal by Osaka-based illustrator Takako Matsuoka and Simone Cantarelli, an artist living in Sardinia, Italy. These portable, shrunk-down worlds that fit in the palm of your hand have been created by 45 artists, among whom are illustrators, cameramen, designers, calligraphers, even business agents and children. The exhibition is even now currently looking for potential participants, in an effort to tour all over Japan on a rotating basis and gradually increase in size and scope. This exhibition in Tokyo is the starting point for this project.