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Ink screening at, London

As a part of Monitor 9, ‘Ink‘ will be screened at in London on Wednesday 24th April 7PM – 9PM. The film screening will be followed by a discussion with panelists, including Sharlene Bamboat from SAVAC.

Local, hand drawn lithographic film posters contribute largely to the visual culture and character of the streets of Bangalore, India. ‘Ink’ is a peek into where these posters are made.

Mehra and Lee, both interact with Bangalore’s ever-changing, ever-growing residents with their multi-lingual, cultural, economic backgrounds. They serve as mapmakers; mapping the desires, hopes, needs, dreams and disparities of Bangalore, which is born out of a desire to establish reference points for personal memories.

In ‘Ink’, Smriti Mehra and Matt Lee modestly gesture towards creative resistance. Filming a commercial lithographic printing press in Bangalore for outlawed B-movie posters, Mehra and lee spotlight a simple act of defiance in the city’s underground distribution market. One after another, hand drawn lithographic film posts materialise. Opposition to existing laws is actively proclaimed, despite conservative state efforts to manage the cities visual landscape.

£3 members, students, unemployed / £5 otherwise


Ink screening at MONITOR 9: New South Asian Short Film + Video

Ink‘, a short film that I made with artist Smriti Mehra is being screened at ‘Monitor 9: New South Asian Short Film & Video’ in Toronto.

Monitor 9 is an annual short film and video screening program that showcases new and innovative work by artists from Canada and internationally. Monitor 9 is a unique platform for independent work that brings together poignant films and videos that explore bodies in flow. Programmer Nahed Mansour, employs the notion of global flows, through which the artists negotiate various mediascapes, technoscapes, financescapes, ethnoscapes and ideoscapes in their work.

The program features works by Jude Anogwih (Nigeria), Kuljit Choohan (UK), soJin Chun (Canada), Ashim Halder Sagor (Bangladesh), Taiki Sakpisit (Thailand), Smriti Mehra & Matt Lee (India), Nguyen Tan Hoang (USA), Elisha Lim (Canada), Shreyasi Kar (India), Ahmed Faisan Naveed (Pakistan) and Pavitra Wickramasinghe (Canada).

Monitor 9 jury members include Renata Mohamed, Rehab Nazzal & Alexis Mitchell.

14 March, 2013. 7:30pm (doors 7pm).

Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave., Toronto.

SAVAC Members: FREE / Students: $5 / Non-members: $10