Monthly Archives: June 2009

City One Minutes, Bangalore

Two one-minute video sketches made last week in collaboration with video artist Smriti Mehra for the City One Minutes project.

In the City One Minutes project life in each city is divided into 24 one minute portraits, each depicting one hour of the day. Every film is a personal impression of the city in which the artist lives.

Our first video was shot at Bangalore’s KR flower market between 06:00-07:00, the second was shot at Balaji Lithographers, Majestic between 15:00-16:00.

The videos of all the artists that participated will be viewable online at in the next few weeks. Thanks to Selby Gildemacher from the Art Group Piek! and Zackery Denfield for organizing the project in Bangalore.

02 Magazine China

02 is a bimonthly and bilingual “creative-crossover magazine” from China. They recently interviewed me for their June edition. The magazine features Art, Fashion, Graphic Design, Product Design, AD, Animation, Illustration, and Publication design from around the world.