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Meaning in a Matchbox – Article for Archivos Magazine


I have written an article for Archivoz: International Archives Magazine about Indian matchboxes. The article discusses the visual and social significance of these objects as well as my personal journey through collecting, archiving and digitising over 750 labels.

Read my article here.

Archivoz is an informative digital journal in blog format relating to archives and records management.

British Library Cyanotype Workshop

Last week I led a collage and cyanotype printing workshop alongside members of the British Library imaging team for BL Qatar Project staff.

Using examples from the British Library archive, this workshop explored the vernacular of the cyanotype technique and connected it to the history of invention, photography, image reproduction and information distribution. We printed digital negatives on acetate sheets using visual material from the British Library collection, which included historical photographs, illustrations, maps, diagrams, typography, patterns and textures. Participants cut up this material to create collages that were then placed on top of paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals and exposed in sunlight.

A selection of prints from this workshop will be used on posters to promote the 3rd British Library Hack Day.


Hiii Illustration Awards

I am delighted to have my gramophone illustration included among the finalists of the 2018 Hiii Illustration awards. There will be an exhibition in Nanjing, China of all the winning entries in December 2019 and a book published in spring next year.

The winning entries can be seen here… http://www.hiiibrand.com


All You Can Eat – Private View & Exhibitiom


What an ace weekend! The All You Can Eat exhibition with Hero of Switzerland illustration collective at Walthamstow Village Window Gallery has been so well received and the space looks fantastic with some top work. Below are some photos from the private view and the first few days of the exhibition. The show continues and the shop will reopen for business on 29-30th June and again on 6th-7th July. Do check out the work of all the artists involved.

Adam Graff / Alex Hovey / Becky Liddiard / Dan Button / Daniel Jamie Williams / El Fmso / Elly Maddock / Filip Ziebo / Harry Woodgate / Holly St Clair / Jack Pearce / Matt Lee / Jenny Haytch / Samuel B. Thorne






















All You Can Eat

Looking forward to exhibiting some new food themed art with the Hero of Switzerland illustration collective in Walthamstow Village later this month. The private view is on Friday 21st June. Come along for prints, pizza and popcorn! More detail below…


Bonk! Magazine #3.2 – Lines


I am very excited to have one of my collages from Death Landscapes III featured in Bonk! Magazine #3.2 – The Lines issue. Bonk! Magazine is an experimental print publication that showcases the work of writers and artists. It is also an exploration of the possibilities of print and design as mediums. They publish text, images, and design loosely organised around a single theme. This magazine, along with previous issues can be purchased via their website.







Sometime in late 2006 I bought a Moleskine journal and a small selection of Tombow pens from a store on Tottenham Court Road in London. Nearly ten years later I rediscovered these supplies at the back of a drawer in my Bangalore studio and felt bad I had never used them – there and then I started working, and from the first few quick and spontaneous drawings this series took shape.

See the full series of 27 drawings here.







Shots 165

Last month I was commissioned by Shots magazine to create a rather fun Miro inspired illustration for a feature about the Spanish advertising industry. The economic crisis has led to lower budgets, which have meant that creative solutions need to be more clever…


“The economic crisis made clients risk more for creativity, since if you don’t you’re dead”


“An ability to improvise has been key to survival, and kept the quality of the creative high even when we have limited resources to do so.”


Art directed by Sarah Watson.

Treasured Islands


Treasured Islands: Book Design Project. Semester One, 2013–2014

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

There are over 700 schools in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, in these schools there has been no island specific education in the curriculum and children have little awareness of their unique ecological environment. To address this, Dakshin Foundation and ANET have been working with the Department of Education ANI to develop content and make environmental education mandatory in schools.

In this collaborative project, 16 students from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology redesigned ‘Treasured Islands’ – an out of date and out of print environmental textbook specifically for teachers in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (grade 6-8). The first edition of this book was published by Kalpavriksh and ANET in 1999 and has now been put forward by the Department of Education ANI as a recommended classroom resource.

Facilitated by Kumkum Nadig, Ramesh Kalkur and me, the task was to reconceptualise the design, illustration and navigation of the book as well as incorporate new information and activities. The project objectives included:

• Understand the challenges in designing a teaching resource in this context.
• Integrate images, text, information and activities in meaningful ways.
• Design for ease of use.
• Develop appropriate, informative, engaging and contemporary illustrations.
• Deliver a book that can be easily translated into multiple Indian languages.

This new edition of ‘Treasured Islands’ will be used for teacher training workshops and will provide the basis for a range of supplementary materials, which will be designed in phase 2 of the project.

Students: Ananya Singh, Aneri Jhaveri, Isha Sinh, Juhi Agarwal, Koyal Chengappa, Maanasa Ganesh, Meghna Jaswal, Pramod pai, Pranav Dharamsi, Prateek Vatash, Pratyancha Puri, Priya Jain,Sree Lakshmi Sola, Sreeja Basu, Vishaka Jindal, Vivan Kamath.






Who's_Who-Coral Reefs










Storybook Lab 2

Storybook Lab. Srishti School of Art, Design and technology.

Semester Two, 2012–2013

The aim of the Storybook Lab at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology has been to design storybooks specifically for Indian children and publish a range of new initiatives that are enjoyable, meaningful and accessible.

Run by Krupa Thimmaiah and me, this specific project explored opportunities for storybooks on tablet devices. At present, the availability of good quality interactive reading material is limited in the Indian publishing context. Our aim was to adapt regional folk stories and re-imagine them as multilingual apps for an underserved Indian audience.

The project objectives were:

• Design for simplicity and intuition.

• Consider new ways of creating, sequencing, sharing and adapting stories.

• Design engaging experiences that encourage a reading habit.

• Create possibilities for multilingual book apps and integrate meaningful and valuable learning tools.

• Develop contemporary content and Indian styles of illustration.

This project involved fifteen students working together in smaller teams. To conceptualise new possibilities, each team was required to deconstruct the idea of a storybook, understand the role of stories and look at both the conceptual and practical possibilities for interactive storytelling. To create successful prototypes, students needed to bring together skills in research and analysis, concept development, prototyping, interaction design, storytelling, illustration and animation, layout and typography. They used a rigorous design methodology – to plan, investigate, iterate, test, and evaluate their work.

Students conceived story apps that were non-linear or gave the child choices in the development of a plot. They also integrated language options, story-specific activities and meaningful interactions that drove the stories forward. The next step involves collaborating with educational organisations and multimedia publishers to develop the prototypes for market.

Students: Aakansha Kukreja, Anuja Shukla, Kopal Joshy, Kritisha Kantilal Jain, Loveena Chopra, Mithra Vimala Murali, Natasha Mohan, Nikita Biyani, Pragya Joshi, Pragya Mahendru, Prisila Audumbar Netalkar, Priya R Gandhi, Rathi Varma, Sanjana Nyapati, Sugama Gopalkrishna

101_2-identify-and-understand 101_3-critiquing-and-deconstructing-existing-storytelling-apps 101_1-book-making-workshop 101_4-conceptualising-and-rapid-prototyping1 101_6 101_6-wireframing1_v2 101_9-development-and-refinement 101_10-presentation-of-final-prototypes-to-growl-media