Monthly Archives: January 2010

Runcible Series


I have just finished a new series of drawings that place Edward Lear’s nonsense word ‘runcible’ within various disparate visual contexts.

‘Runcible’ is a nonsense word invented by Edward Lear in 1871. In his poetry this word is used to form semiotic gaps that cannot be satisfactorily resolved or understood by the reader. The nonsensicality of this word is further compounded when used by Lear as an adjective to describe a range of disparate nouns, including: a runcible spoon, raven, cat, wall, hat and goose.

This series of drawings situates Lear’s ‘runcible’ within a variety of disparate scenarios. Through a process of contextual shifting the word suggests a multitude of meanings that conflict or contradict – The result is nonsense.

See the full series here.