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TiVaF – Tasmanian International Video Art Festival


TiVaF (Tasmanian International Video Art Festival) will be screened in Launceston Tasmania during the month of September 2016. It will present a curated selection of outstanding video works by international artists whose work focuses on the theme of landscape.

TiVaF is partnering with Sawtooth Tasmania and will present the works as a part of the Sawtooth September exhibition and will also show selected works as projections in suitable locations in Launceston City. TiVaF is also partnering with Junction Arts Festival to screen 2 selected video artworks at the Workers Club Launceston.

Curated by Jessica Dorloff, Ashley Bird and Daryll Rogers,  the works are:

Safety by John Kelley (USA)

Stuck in the Dark  by Massimo Saverio Maida (UK)

The Resonance of Loss by Adriene Hughes (USA)

Papiershnitzel by Nermanja Ladjic (Serbia)

Dissoluzione della forza in un Paradusso by Pamela Daimante (Italy)

Presence of Absence by Matt Lee  (India)

Election/Coverage by Christopher Daniels (UK)

Dance with the Music by Leonard Kuipers (Netherlands)

Section of I-705, on a Wednesday, for Electric Piano by Lou Watson (USA)

Take to the woods (Skogstokig) by Kristina Frank (Sweden)

Passage by Oren Lavie (Australia)

And as part of our Junction Arts Festival partnership we will be screening Metallwald3 by Philip Modest Schambela (Germany) in 3D and Distant by Jauchen Wu (Taiwan)

TiVaF is also excited to be screening in the Sawtooth Cinema Chott el-Djerid (A portrait of heat and light) by Bill Viola (USA)